//I don’t agree with this 100%, but these characters were a lot more sympathetic than lets say Frollo or Scar who people love a lot more no offense.  However I am not fond of the way Disney has trended with their villains since.  The Red Queen’s story in Alice Through the Looking Glass was handled abysmally and I have voiced my opinion on this rather loudly for various reasons.  Given the fact this character was clearly a murderer, tyrant and could honestly make someone like King Candy blush giving this character a redemption is disgusting.  This character was nowhere near deserving of redemption especially given the fact that in the same movie they try to redeem her she is seen being abusive to a man she supposedly is in a relationship with …Time.  She even goes as far as to physically abuse him.  How Disney do you expect to redeem this character when you have her being a domestic abuser in the same movie you redeem her?  At least Lotso and King Candy got their comeuppance.  They straight out redeemed the Red Queen a character who did far worse that both of them combined to be honest.

I don’t mind sympathetic characters like King Candy/Turbo and yes I do consider him sympathetic.  These game characters count on players for EVERYTHING.  When the player just up and abandons them its like a crisis and Turbo lost his mind obviously.  Then spent years homeless in the arcade most likely remorseful over what he did trying to hide away underground.  NOW I am not saying what he did was right.  HELL no!  Little shit got what he deserved because of what he did to Sugar Rush and it’s main racer.  Same with Lotso.  However, it goes WAY too far when a character is redeemed after they have done so much wrong.  Don’t do that Disney.  Just go back to the days of Frollo and Scar then. 😡


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