Wait for it……….

Worth it

Seriously Wreck it Ralph came out four years prior to this and it’s ten times better.  The story, characters, humor and plot structure that went into it are better and it was made years before.  What in the hell is the excuse here?  The funny thing is this plot is no different from WIR.  The character “jumping” from app to app trying to find his purpose.  Sounds awfully familiar to me.  Robbie is right.  Don’t waste your time and don’t waste your kids time.  Go see Despicable Me 3, Beauty and the Beast or even Boss Baby over this when they come out.  This move hasn’t even hit theaters yet and it’s already the most hated thing to premier this year.  Why?  It’s because nothing here is new.  Nothing here is funny.  Nothing here is attention grabbing.  Nothing here is worth time, money or our effort as entertainment consumers. 

If Sony wants to put itself on the same levels of Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks or hell even Blue Sky it has to step it’s collective shit up.  This is NOT going to do it.  Sony your BIGGEST mistake was scrapping the Popeye movie and putting all your collective ducks in a pond for this huge commercial for emoji’s and apps.  That’s what this is.  A commercial.  It’s not a movie.  The Lego Batman movie is a damn movie.  This is a 90 min commercial where the kids will become restless in their seats.  Run up and down the isles and the humor you put in for adults will make them roll their eyes.  Poop stopped being funny after we were five years old.  My eight year old nephew no longer finds poop funny okay.  Jesus I need to go watch Wreck it Ralph to remember what a good animated movie looks like.  Once again … from four years ago:


Also, I don’t want to hear the excuse of “it’s a children’s movie” because honestly kids deserve better.  My nephews deserve better.  They deserve to be treated better.  Movie makers who make movies like Norm of the North, Nut Job, Legends of Oz and this should not be allowed to produce crap for kids thinking they are stupid or low thinking.  Kids deserve to be challenged, enthralled, awe inspired and excited.  They are the next generation after all.  Give them something better for Pete sake.


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