KND Top 10 Favorite Characters

#5) Benedict Wigglestein  Uno, Jr. (Father) 

Hands down the best and most intimidating villain in the KND series goes to Benedict Uno aka Father. Just hearing his name would give me shivers when I watch this as a kid. He was the perfect main antagonist to the Kids Next Door. He represented the corrupt and unfairness Adults placed on Kids. Father was all sass and power (which I loved and feared). His VA (Maurice LaMarche) is a genius. Father has to have one of the best and unique voices on the show. If CN greenlights G:KND and if Father will be in it, I hope they get the original VA, because I can’t imagine no other voice fitted for the role. I never expected to sympathize Father until I watched Operation Z.E.R.O and saw his origins. Neglectful and abusive fathers tend to create the evil in their children. I found it interesting that our main character Numbuh 1 is related to our main bad guy (though the Uncle and Nephew conflicts have been played out before) and I wished we saw more of that relationship after the reveal. Overall Father is my favorite villain and is a dynamic character that deserves to make my top 10. 

P.S Remember Sector Z 😦


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