вєи∂у ωє ¢αи єχρℓαιи–

(иσт му αят)

//This happens with everything and with how long I have been around just is a simple block it.  Gotta give everything big tiddies/oversexualize it(seen this), gotta fight over a ship(seen it already), Gotta fight over how someone draws a certain character(seen this TOO many times), Gotta make the creator of said thing feel uncomfortable or come out about a characters sexuality to make other people in the fandom feel like shit(YEP).  Yeah, every fandom has this and unfortunately these people tend to be the loudest and most abrasive, so the whole fandom gets labeled as crap. 

Not to mention people still after SO VERY LONG can’t seem to understand how the tagging system on this site works so porn, gore and other crap still appears in main tags.  It’s not hard to tag.  I mean half the time I do it while still half asleep.  My point is I don’t care if any of this exists, but tagging is also a thing that exists.  Can’t block the thing if there are NO NSFW tags.  That and unfortunately the bad parts of fandoms become the ones people know more about because as I said they seem to be more loud and abrasive when not everyone in a fandom is like this.

I personally come to have fun, interact, give back some art, headcanons and RP.  I don’t care what anyone else is doing unless they are being straight out jerks to other RPers or artists.  Any of the other crap I block and move on.  Simple as that.  Still Bendy would probably react like this if he knew half the stuff. :p


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