crew: “lets make a cool ruthless and suave robot villain for jack to kill off”

Tumblr: “my innocent robot boy I want his safety”

Being the inquisitive and curious person I am I had wondered if Scaramouche had a life outside of being an assassin for Aku.  Like seriously his personality oozes something more than just “Aku’s assassin” to me.  Given his talent with music I imagine he was a performer who went around night clubs in the cities performing.  He adored music and performing it, but hard times fell upon him.  Instead of being able to perform he had to find other means for being paid.  Being a master piper and able to perform great feats with his music Aku became interested in him.  Since he had no other means of income or no longer could perform he took up the assassin work instead becoming a quick favorite of Aku’s because of his very unique skills mixing swords with music.

In other words he was once like this guy:


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